Perceval Bahado-Singh


Perceval Bahado-Singh is a Consultant Chemical Pathologist and Associate Professor of Pathology. He was awarded several scholarships, notable the prestigious Horatio Alger Association of Distinguished Americans scholarship, and pursued tertiary education; B.Sc. Hons. (UWI); Ph.D. in Clinical Biochemistry (UWI) and a M.Sc. in Chemical Pathology, (Surrey, UK).

He has conducted scientific research which focuses on diabetes management and wound healing. His research encompasses the isolation and characterization of bioactive molecules from Jamaican medicinal plants, and synthesis of analogues, for the treatment of cancers, in particular, prostate cancer and central nervous system cancers. He has published in the scientific literature: 16 peer-reviewed articles, 30 abstracts, as well as co-author of 2 books with Professor Henry Lowe; one of the books included co-authors; Professor Errol Morrison and Dr. Cliff Riley.

He is also an ardent entrepreneur and has successfully developed several private sector companies, notably the Bio-Tech R&D Institute. His expertise sees him serving in high level managerial capacities, in private-sector and public sector corporations, as Board Director, Senior Advisor and Chairman of Special Committees. He is also a licensed private and commercial aircraft pilot, with instrument and multi-engine ratings.

Perceval is a proud past-child of the SOS Children’s Village, Jamaica. He has a keen interest in charitable work, classical music, sky diving and adventure sports and aviation. He is happily married to Dr. Brynne Reece, a classical pianist and Endodontist.