What kinds of appeals do I have?

  1. You have a right of Appeal with respect to:
    • refusal of a grant of access
    • the grant of access to only some of the documents requested
    • deferral of the grant of access
    • refusal to amend or annotate a personal record
    • the charging of, or amount of a fee
  2. You must make your Appeal in writing.
  3. You may request either an Internal Review of a decision that you regard as unfavourable, or you may Appeal to the Appeal Tribunal if a decision has already been made at Internal Review or where Internal Review is not applicable.
  4. You must utilise the Internal Review Process (where applicable) before an appeal may be made to the Appeals Tribunal
  5. Internal Review will not be applicable if the original decision on the Application for access to information was made by the Permanent Secretary or Principal Officer, or the Responsible Minister or where no decision on the original application was made.