Can I use E10 gasoline in my vehicle?

Yes you can.

Petrojam conducted several activities prior to the introduction of E10 gasoline to ensure that the fuel is suitable for use in the motor vehicle population in Jamaica. Activities included :

  • A Pilot study
  • Study of the Jamaican Motor vehicle population
  • Consultations with international standards setting bodies
  • Consultations with other countries using E10 and higher blend levels
  • Obtaining endorsement of E10 gasoline from the Jamaica Bureau of Standards training of Gas Station Operators and marketing company in handling of E10 gasoline
  • Sensitization and training of tanker drivers in the handling of E10
  • Acceptance by other marketing companies (other than Petrojam)
  • E10 Gasoline (90 and 87) has been accepted and endorsed by Marketing Companies, the Jamaica Auto Dealers and Used Car Dealers Association

We note that there is reluctance on the part of some industry players to accept E10 gasoline mainly due to lack of knowledge of the product. During our study one of the major dealers in Jamaica noted reluctance to accept E10, however, they awaited the results of out pilot study (which was also being undertaken in other countries) and have subsequently endorsed E10 gasoline.

Lack of endorsement from a manufacturer’s manual does not mean that the vehicle cannot use E10 gasoline. This perspective had arisen mainly because they have not done any test themselves (the manufacturer).

While there is concern about the impact of alcohol blended gasoline on some motor vehicle engines; it is not expected that there will be any negative impact when 10% alcohol is used