Petrojam Limited awards Top GSAT Scholars from Greenwich All Age School

Petrojam Limited recently celebrated the achievements of the top Grade Six Achievement Test (GSAT) performers from Greenwich All age School, Toni -Ann Palmer and Malik Whyte, among other awards recipients at their Annual GSAT Celebratory Luncheon, held Friday August 3, at the Jamaica Pegasus Hotel.

Manager of Reliability and Maintenance, Mr. Handel Lamey, who spoke on behalf of General Manager, Mr. Winston Watson, encouraged the students to continue their pursuit of academic excellence. He also reaffirmed Petrojam’s commitment to the development of the Greenwich Farm Community.

“At Petrojam, we are not only committed to fulfilling our mandate of keeping Jamaica supplied with energy, but to the communities that are within our environs and to nation building , and we are pleased to contribute to the educational development of the students of the Greenwich All Age School”, he said.

Toni-Ann Palmer and Malik Whyte were each awarded scholarships valued at $60,000 per year which will cover tuition costs, books and other expenses. The scholarships are tenable over five years.

Special awards were also presented to students for their performances in the areas of congeniality, academic improvement, discipline and attendance during the 2011-2012 academic year.

Community Outreach Committee member, Alton Lee Bramwell, equated the scholars to nations who have achieved independence. He stressed the importance of education in achieving major life goals.

“One of the best means to independence is through education” he declared.

Since 2006, Petrojam has been recognizing the academic achievements of the Top GSAT Scholars of Greenwich All-Age School, through scholarships. Scholarships are awarded to the top male and female performer in the GSAT examinations. This forms part of the company’s corporate social responsibility programme to increase opportunities for educational advancement among persons in the Greenwich community.

Each awardee is assigned a mentor from the staff of Petrojam, who assists in providing guidance to that student for the duration of the scholarship.

Mother of Malik Whyte, Andrea Bennett, expressed her joy and gratitude to Petrojam Limited, “I am deeply grateful to Petrojam, I am a single mother with two other children who are also in school, and the scholarship that my son has been awarded has really lifted a major burden from my shoulders and I can’t thank them enough”, she said.

This scholarship, she added motivated her son outstanding performance as he had been working towards attaining the scholarship since grade five.

Lunnett Beckford, grandmother and guardian of Toni-Ann Palmer, whose parents are deceased, also echoed Ms. Bennett’s sentiments.

“I am really grateful that Toni-Ann has received this scholarship, because I am not working, and she has worked hard to pass her exams and I am happy that she has been rewarded in this way” she said.