Press Releases

Students of Greenwich All-Age School and St. Andrew Primary Schools now have improved access to prescribed texts thanks to a donation textbooks and workbooks by Petrojam Limited.
The schools were presented the books at a Handing over exercise last Wednesday (October 9) at their Spanish Town Road locations. The donation included Phonics, Language Arts, Mathematics and Social Studies texts among others for Grades One, Four, Five and Six. 

Romario Rowe and Chanel McGregor, the top male and female GSAT students of Greenwich All-Age School are the 2013 recipients of the Petrojam GSAT Scholarship. The students were awarded scholarships worth $60,000 each, which covers tuition, books and other expenses.   Each scholarship will last for five years, under the condition that the students attain consistently good grades, (B average or higher).

Petrojam Limited recently hosted its eighth annual GSAT Awards Ceremony, under the theme, Building Future Leaders. Four students from Greenwich All Age and St. Andrew Primary Schools were presented with scholarships valued at J$240,000 each over five years at the 8th Annual Petrojam  GSAT Awards Luncheon held Thursday, July 31 at the Terra Nova Hotel.
The 2014 awardees are Ricardo Anderson and Jahmella Irey of St. Andrew Primary School and Nicholas Grant and Brittney Green from Greenwich All-Age School.

The mobility of special needs students who reside at or utilize the facilities of the Best Care Foundation have been vastly improved following the handing over of a newly paved driveway by Petrojam Limited in December 2013.
The driveway, which was repaired at a cost of approximately $1.1 million, was in response to a request from Best Care, who expressed a dire need for the area to be repaired, to alleviate the daily inconvenience of parents, employees and especially the physically challenged children who use wheel chairs.