Press Releases

The mobility of special needs students who reside at or utilize the facilities of the Best Care Foundation have been vastly improved following the handing over of a newly paved driveway by Petrojam Limited in December 2013.
The driveway, which was repaired at a cost of approximately $1.1 million, was in response to a request from Best Care, who expressed a dire need for the area to be repaired, to alleviate the daily inconvenience of parents, employees and especially the physically challenged children who use wheel chairs. 

The health of residents in the environs of the Petrojam Refinery continues to be a central focus of Petrojam Limited’s Corporate Outreach activities. On Saturday, November 09, the company hosted close to 350 members of the Greenwich Town Community and its environs to its Annual Community Health Fair.

Petrojam Limited recently celebrated the achievements of the top Grade Six Achievement Test (GSAT) performers from Greenwich All age School, Toni -Ann Palmer and Malik Whyte, among other awards recipients at their Annual GSAT Celebratory Luncheon, held Friday August 3, at the Jamaica Pegasus Hotel.

Manager of Reliability and Maintenance, Mr. Handel Lamey, who spoke on behalf of General Manager, Mr. Winston Watson, encouraged the students to continue their pursuit of academic excellence. He also reaffirmed Petrojam’s commitment to the development of the Greenwich Farm Community.

Petrojam Limited recently recognized the outstanding academic performances of the Top GSAT scholars of Greenwich All-Age School, Peteroy Miller and Moesha Cordoza, among other award recipients, at its Annual GSAT Celebratory Luncheon, at the Four Seasons Hotel in Kingston.